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Yitian Zhang

Fundraising Coordinator

“When the issue of poverty, accessibility, and equality linger within our surrounding community, my Helping Hands journey has been essential in inspiring me to combat these issues. I first started with the desire to join Helping Hands: A Students for Students Movement Inc. after I discovered that Michigan had one of the highest underprivileged rates for children from a survey I conducted for my MYP Personal Project. This was my inspiration to serve my local community as I believe that every underprivileged child deserves the same and equal education as the more fortunate ones. Being a part of Helping Hands has truly shown and enriched my passion to fix the struggles with education inequality. In this movement, I passionately work with underprivileged students and watch them grow. As the Fundraising Coordinator, I hope to organize events that not only benefit our goal of reducing inequality in education but also guide children through the tough times one small step at a time. Moving forward, I will continue to explore fundraiser methods and various activities, such as different career-themed events for kids, as well as the exploration of funds from industries or corporations to make these enriching events accessible to all.”


Yitian Zhang is a member of the International Academy Class of 2022. Aside from Helping Hands, Yitian has been actively involved in three years of Student Council, and in her free time, she dedicates her time to tutoring elementary and middle school kids in both math and reading and volunteering at local senior homes. Yitian is also a devoted athlete and was named as a Scholar-Athlete in 2019-2020 and received All-State and All-American honors during her high school swim season.

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