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Start a Chapter

Interested in bringing Helping Hands to your community?  Starting your own Helping Hands chapter is a great way to express your leadership and passion. In addition, you help increase educational equality in your community head-on.

Helping Hands chapters are tasked with:

  • Identifying local educational disparities to combat head-on.

  • Crafting relationships with schools that are underfunded, under-resourced or situated in low-income neighborhoods to provide educational support.

  • Holding service events and fundraisers to help improve educational equity.

  • Providing leadership opportunities to youths in their local community to become change-makers.

  • Promoting the idea of "global citizenship".

Criteria to Start a Chapter:

  • Minimum of 15 members.

  • Able to demonstrate a plan to tackle educational inequality in their region.

  • After establishment, must be able to show proof of monthly activity, communicate regularly with the Helping Hands Advocacy Coordinator and submit bi-monthly financial reports if fundraising takes place.


To start your chapter, you must fill out the application form to the right and complete an interview with one of our team members.

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