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Become an Ambassador

Are you interested in spreading the Helping Hands message and becoming an advocate for equal opportunity in education?  Apply to be a Helping Hands Ambassador!  Through your role as an Ambassador, you can help improve educational equality and make a difference in your community. Ambassadors must reside in a geographical region outside of the Detroit Metropolitan area.

Helping Hands Ambassadors are tasked with:

  • Becoming leaders in their community to pioneer efforts to benefit humanity.

  • Raising awareness of educational inequality in their community.

  • Increasing the reach of/spreading Helping Hands resources to communities in need.

  • Recruiting others to join in the Helping Hands mission (e.g. new volunteers or ambassadors).

  • Collaborating with Helping Hands leadership and other Helping Hands Ambassadors to further the Helping Hands mission.


To apply, complete the application on the right to begin your journey of becoming an Ambassador.

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