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COVID-19 Initiatives

Serving Our Community in Times of Crisis

Helping Hands: A Students for Students Movement Inc has a firm commitment to improving access to high-quality education and serving the community.  As such, we have recognized the large strain the current COVID-19 crisis has placed on our teachers, students, and parents at all socioeconomic levels.  Under these unfortunate circumstances, our team understands that as schools adapt to this time of remote-learning, students' learning may be impeded by the lack of in-class time. To play our role in the community, Helping Hands: A Students for Students Movement Inc is making out tutoring services available to all students during this crisis.  In addition, we are also pursuing other virtual endeavors to help our community during this time in any way that we can.

Request Tutoring

Get the academic or social support you need.

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Give back to the community and join our efforts to enrich education virtually.

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Hear more about what we are doing to help our community during these times.

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