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Sierra, Student

"I appreciate our guests because they have not only given us positivity for the rest of the day, but for the rest of our lives to be leaders."

Lisa Klein, Parent

"Students teaching students has a whole extra added benefit as a mentor. We are just grateful and it is really an awesome program our district has offered."

Lavar Drummond, Great Lakes Academy Dean of Students

"Helping Hands has brought a burst of positive energy, dedication, and excellent work ethic to our learning community. Our students were motivated to reach higher, and our staff experienced a refreshingly talented group of individuals."

Michael Guo, Volunteer

"As a Helping Hands volunteer, I have gotten to meet so many people of all ages. It has allowed me to become more connected with the community around me"

Eileen Rabourn, Mentor

"I really believe that community service is one of the best ways to develop leadership skills. I am happy to support student work with Helping Hands because I believe it has a tremendous impact on both the community and the student volunteers."

Anonymous Student

"Helping Hands makes be excited about learning. I get to learn about topics I never thought about like leadership, career paths, and character."


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