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Vivian Yee

Co-Founder and Co-President

"From a very young age, I have understood the role of education in changing lives.  As a result of a transformative move between two vastly different school districts, I gained access to valuable educational opportunities, such as extracurricular clubs and accelerated courses, that were vital in shaping my current passions and that I had not had in my previous school. After seeing the stark disparity between the educational quality in both districts and the significance of meaningful educational opportunities and resources in enriching and inspiring young minds, I became passionate about tackling the issue of educational inequality that runs rampant in today’s society. When creating Helping Hands: A Students for Students Movement Inc., my primary focus was to spearhead a movement dedicated to mobilizing the community to improve the accessibility of high-quality education for all.  I whole-heartedly believe that through tackling educational inequality, we are shaping the future generations of great leaders and visionaries who will change the world for the better." 

Vivian Yee is a member of the Harvard University Class of 2025.  In addition to Helping Hands, Vivian is an avid biology and public policy enthusiast. For her work as a student researcher, Vivian has received multiple national-level awards.  She is also a decorated Model UN delegate and Impromptu Speaker and is a two-time recipient of the President's Volunteer Service Award Gold Medal.

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