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Tips on How to Have a Better Social Life During Quarantine

We are all having a hard time keeping our social lives consistent during quarantine. Because we aren’t seeing and talking to our friends everyday in person, we are losing that automatic communication with our classmates. Here are a few ideas on how to keep your social life “alive” during quarantine!

  1. The first tip is to start by getting your classmate’s phone numbers. The process of getting a classmate’s phone number can be awkward if not done correctly, but it is as easy as sending a quick email to them asking for their phone number. This process should not be awkward and will respect the other person's privacy by asking them directly for their number instead of asking someone else for their number. Getting this classmates number can help you bond with them more like a friendship and can also help you communicate easier with them about anything related to school or that specific class.

  2. Make group chats! Group chats help tremendously when trying to reach a group of people. This can help with getting multiple people’s attention on something and can save time on texting multiple people individually. The group of people in a group chat don’t all need to be in the same social group either! If you all share a class or share mutual friends, there is nothing wrong with a group chat.

  3. Do video calls! Video calls like zoom and face time work great for either one on one calls or group calls. It’s as easy as doing a study group together or just chatting for fun. Usually, face calls are for when the friendship has gotten stronger, but sometimes they are the easiest way to communicate with one another. Group calls are highly recommended and can be such a good time with your friends.


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