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The Benefit of Tutoring

Updated: Dec 6, 2020

Education empowers the next generation to accomplish and achieve more than their teachers, mentors, parents, or any other role model could have imagined, but how can this be possible without equal access to quality education? Or without the resources to improve and expand upon their education? Similarly, how can students take advantage of the education they have to empower others? Knowledge is power; when knowledge is shared, the power and strength of the next generation grows and gains the potential to change the world.

President Raegan put it best: “We can’t help everyone, but everyone can help someone”. The members of A Students for Students Movement recognize that they cannot eliminate every inequality, but that they can help reduce the inequality in education in the metropolitan Detroit area through simply tutoring students their own age in subjects they have studied before.


It does not take a degree and years of professional experience to be able to help students who might be falling behind in a class another student mastered. Each student has their own strengths and weaknesses, which have been especially highlighted throughout the time spent tutoring others. Tutoring not only allows for one on one help with a tutee but also allows for tutors to reinforce their understanding of a subject on a deeper level. Student on student tutoring benefits both parties time and time again.

Additionally, it allowed for our tutees to experience a new method of learning the same content. If a student needed a refresher, the information was reinforced, but for some, the content clicked for a student for the first time. In this way, tutees gain confidence in their skills, encouraging them to challenge themselves to push their minds further. Tutors also gain similar confidence in their knowledge, but also gain new abilities to teach and empower others.


As a tutor for A Students for Students Movement, I can attest to the advantages gained from teaching others. For example, I feel more confident in the knowledge I already had and felt as though the content was understood in a new way. Additionally, tutoring others allows for connections to be made across separate ideas within a subject, furthering the understanding of multiple concepts. Character development in patience, understanding, sympathy, and perseverance also shined through.

However, the most satisfying part of tutoring was knowing that someone was benefitting from my knowledge. I truly hope that each student I tutored gained confidence in their abilities and knowledge and have the courage to ask questions when they have them and to reach out for help when they need it. The most important part of education is empowering our generation to change the world. While one single person cannot do this, collectively, we are making the biggest positive impact on our future without even seeing it.

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