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Starbucks Supply Drive

It is no secret that during COVID-19 many schools have been hit hard due to lack of funding, especially when it comes to providing the educational resources needed to help their students as much as possible. That is why Helping Hands stepped up to create a partnership with none other than Starbucks!

The Helping Hands team was deeply honored to have been given the opportunity to not only provide for their community but also to be able to participate in such an amazing collaboration. It is extremely important and rewarding to contribute any supplies possible to kids who are in need of them. The Helping Hands team worked endlessly to make this opportunity possible, and its success has meant the world to not only the team but also the people on the receiving end.

Adrianna Kallabat, one of the hardworking volunteers who helped make this event possible, said that “The Starbucks supply drive was such an amazing opportunity that helped so many students. We were able to gather over a hundred school supplies for students in Detroit in Pontiac, which has helped them immensely during this uncertain year. Many families came to donate supplies and even had a taste of The Helping Hands drinks which was very exciting! Also, the Starbucks team was wonderful and has become part of the Helping Hands family. We are grateful for the partnership and look forward to hosting more events with Starbucks that will help make a difference in our partner schools!”

It was no easy feat to make this accomplishment possible. To go about doing so the Helping Hands team worked vigorously to create a supply drive to help schools in need. The team even created a variety of different drinks that were offered at the locations that were partnered up with. The names included the Helping Hands Pumpkin Pie Frappuccino, the Helping Hands Pumpkin White Mocha, and the Helping Hands Whipped Pumpkin Chai. The drinks were coordinated to truly represent the season! The reason why the drive was held during the end of fall and the beginning of winter is that the team wanted to kick off the season with the portion of the profit that was made from the drinks. Customer reviews also indicated that the drinks created in this partnership were up to their standards!

Besides coming up with creative ideas to implement the helping hands initiative into this partnership all of the teams pitched in to create the most efficient strategy possible. The teams were able to gather resources such as finding people to create the logos for the drinks along with the T-shirt designs. Not only were the logos made for these items they were also used to represent the collaboration between Helping Hands and Starbucks. There were also meeting times set up by the individuals working to put this amazing event together. They set up meeting times to coordinate the drinks and add the touches of flavor to each for a fall theme. They also included a school supplies drive box outside with hand-made signs for people to drop off the school supplies for partner schools in as structured a manner as possible. Once again, the Helping Hands team was deeply appreciative of this chance to work with an organization such as Starbucks. We hope to continue our efforts in joining forces with other establishments to execute drives such as this one to give back to our community!

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