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Helping Hands Work and Our Goals: Tutoring

Updated: Dec 6, 2020

Helping Hands is a Non Profit that surrounds the basis of a “students for students” organization. The tutoring programs that are offered by the volunteers of said organization are set to help lower the gap between disadvantaged students in high poverty schools. This allows for there to be an opportunity where those in need get the proper resources for their education.

The lack of resources provided to students who live and attend in low-income communities and high schools has been increasing significantly as of recently. This sets them up to have lower success rates when it comes to achieving proper education and from their higher education. In fact, as of 2014, it was seen that 77.4% of low-income students graduated on time compared to the astounding 90% mark for wealthier students. This impairment to higher education sets a vicious cycle of poverty that can be hard to escape. However, programs like the ones offered by Helping Hands are beneficial for the overall betterment of our community in the present and for the long run.

The aforementioned programs are targeted for audiences as young as preschool and up to high school. It is vital to get students started on the path of success at an early age and continue the said path throughout their developmental years so that they have no deficiencies when it comes to achieving their goals. There are also test preparing classes given so that students feel prepared to set forth their best selves when it comes to applying for colleges and moving forward in educational prospects. The tutoring sessions are structured to dispense adequate attention to each student who needs it. This personalized care helps students in understanding the course content effectively therefore applying it effectively in future use. The atmosphere set up by the Helping Hands Program sets a positive relationship between the tutors and the students. A study showcased that a pleasant relationship between students and their tutors can allow for better engagement in educational environments, grades, attendance, as well as lowered disruptive behavior and dropout rates.

Initiatives like the ones offered by Helping Hands have been seen to have astounding results in the past. In fact, in Chicago, there was a study conducted on students who seemed to be underperforming in school. They were given personalized tutoring programs to assist them in understanding and applying the materials in their classes. The results were overwhelmingly positive. They included a significant jump in GPA and behavioral performance. This study then set forth movements that allowed for many underprivileged schools in Howard to obtain similar programs that could allow for students to get the help that they needed outside of just their everyday classes. Tutoring is a step that can never be taken too late and is always essential to students who may not have had any outlets to reach out to beforehand.

Ultimately, it is visible how important programs like tutoring are for society as a whole. It is great to see students reach out to peers of their age and allow for them to have the same opportunities as many others their age are privileged to have. This way of offering education has been an exceptional and welcome addition to the community for all.

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