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Helping Hands Work and Our Goals: Taking Action

Updated: Dec 6, 2020

For Helping Hands, bringing awareness to education inequalities is not enough. Helping Hands believes in making a difference and contributing to their community by volunteering at Gleaners Food Bank, Forgotten Harvest, Rainbow Connection, and many more organizations. By volunteering, Helping Hands can not only bring awareness to the injustice in education, but can also help their neighbors by volunteering to make an immediate impact.

Volunteering is an important part of a community because it brings the public together. Helping Hands believes that helping a local organization can in turn help many individuals in the end. As an organization, Helping Hands also benefit from volunteer opportunities through team bonding. When volunteering, Helping Hands becomes closer as friends while also collaborating with others through these experiences for the greater good.

Taking action is an important skill for High Schoolers to pick up and Helping Hands is a great resource to get started. Many students to have this exposure to service events, and Helping Hands will help them develop a passion to help people. High school students should encounter more people from their community so that eventually they can lead themselves to volunteering.

Additionally, “Global citizenship” is emphasized by Helping Hands. The skill of communication is extremely important when it comes to volunteering. Many other skills are learned when volunteering, such as management, sorting donation money, and keeping track of inventory. This enriches a teenager more than one thinks.

All in all, Helping Hands uses volunteering to help the community and the high school students that learn from the experience. The exposure that is received by these high school students will benefit them exponentially.

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