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Helping Hands Partner with the Detroit Pistons to Appreciate Teachers

In celebration of Teacher Appreciation Week from May 3rd to May 7th, Helping Hands has partnered with the Detroit Pistons to create a video montage of students thanking teachers and staff. These dedicated educators have been supportive and understanding of students throughout these unprecedented times of virtual learning due to the COVID-19 pandemic. To express Helping Hands' gratitude toward these adaptive staff members, student members of the organization made individual cards for each teacher at their school, which Helping Hands later sent to each teacher through email. In addition to the cards, the video, which has a special message from the Detroit Pistons to celebrate the hard work of teachers, is compiled of students thanking their teachers and making posters to display their appreciation. An example appreciation card and the montage video are displayed below.

Celebrating teachers and showing appreciation for all the work that they do ties into the Helping Hands overall message: Building leaders through helping others. This is because teachers and administrators have a large impact on shaping students into future leaders in the classroom and beyond. Since teachers have the purpose of helping others, Helping Hands recognizes and appreciates their efforts to create holistic future leaders.

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