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Helping Hands Featured on Detroit Local 4 News

Updated: Dec 6, 2020

The hard work of Helping Hands is becoming more accessible to more people in Detroit. On Monday, May 11th, Local 4 News broadcasted an interview with three of our team members, Vivian Yee, Adrianna Kallabat and Shams Ahson. The interview focused on what Helping Hands has actively been doing in order to aid the community during this COVID-19 crisis, ranging from free online tutoring to showing our support for the school community through virtual spirit weeks. Along with discussing our new plans to help amidst the crisis, we were asked about our overall purpose and what we do on a day-to-day basis. We strive to give back to the community through our numerous volunteer opportunities and honorable work.

Our team is so thankful to have had this incredible opportunity to share our work on a mainstream platform. This all ties in to our motto: "Building leaders through helping others." Through this communication with the media, we are hopeful that we obtain more volunteers to be a part of our team and our mission of helping others extends to a further audience all while ensuring our safety and good health among these times of COVID-19.

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