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Helping Hands Against Institutional and Systemic Racism

Updated: Dec 6, 2020

Helping Hands: A Students for Students Movement INC would like to voice our support to the growing opposition against institutional and systemic racism that is unfortunately deeply embedded into the American society. We stand firmly with the African American community in light of the unjust killing of George Floyd and the many that preceded him. In line with our own missions to promote global citizenship and combat educational inequality in underprivileged communities, we would like to help raise awareness of the racial divides present today.

In working towards bridging the gap in educational inequality, we recognize that in education, challenges disproportionately fall upon communities of color. We would like to emphasize our commitment to embracing diversity and fostering inclusion through our various programs and initiatives. People of every demographic and background are all worthy of the same dignity. During these times, we must come together and through our collective voice call for change.

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