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COVID-19 Puts the Spotlight on Educational Disparities

Amidst the public health crisis, students find themselves stuck at home receiving lessons remotely through various virtual media. While the proliferation of technology has dramatically improved the accessibility of education students receive during the pandemic, there is undoubtedly a disconnect due to the lack of in-person and one-on-one education.

As states begin announcing plans to close schools for the remainder of the 2019-2020 school year, students and staff begin to worry about the quality of education that can be provided through online learning. Many parents are expressing their concerns if virtual learning can be as engaging and if their children can get the attention needed with less class time and individualized focus.

As such, Helping Hands: A Students for Students Movement INC is currently in the process of launching a statewide virtual tutoring system to help students receive the extra help they may need to continue learning outside of school. Our program allows parents and students to submit requests for tutoring to our Helping Hands team. Once a request has been received, our dedicated board members will work on pairing each student with our amazing volunteers by considering the subject area, grade, date and any additional comments. Already, we have had immense success with this program and we hope to continue it as remote learning progresses.

To request tutoring, please fill out this form:

To join our virtual tutoring team, please fill out this form:

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