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Bridging the Gap with New Partnerships

Updated: May 15, 2020

Following a summer of hard work and diligent planning, we at Helping Hands: A Students for Students Movement INC are proud to announce our new partnerships with PEACE Academy and Great Lakes Academy in Pontiac, MI. Both schools serve underprivileged, low-income communities and we are so excited to branch out our support to their students.

PEACE Academy is a Pre-K school in the Pontiac City Schools District. What the Pontiac City Schools administration noticed is that often in low-income households, younger children are unable to build an adequate foundation in skills such as number, letter, color and shape recognition; social skills; self-expression and more. A traditional Kindergarten curriculum is designed assuming that children have these skills, but those that have not had the opportunity to build this foundation will fall behind. To help young children transition into elementary school, PEACE Academy was founded. We are so excited to begin our journey with this school and expand our capabilities to reach Pre-K!

Our second partner school Great Lakes Academy is truly a story of resilience. During the summer of 2018, Great Lakes Academy replaced much of its previous staff to rebuild an entirely new program. In meeting the current staff and administration it is absolutely apparent that they are all inspired and driven to help these underprivileged students improve their educational performance and rebuild the learning community at Great Lakes Academy. Helping Hands could not be any happier to partner with and support this institution!

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