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Nandan Srikrishna

Advocacy Coordinator

"I joined Helping Hands: A Students for Students Movement Inc because I wanted to be apart of an amazing movement and positively impact the lives of as many children as I can. I firmly believe that Helping Hands allows me to do so because it is an organization dedicated to giving underprivileged children the education they deserve and that will allow them to flourish. Through my participation in Helping Hands, I aim to inspire children to become avid thinkers and give them the education to do so. I hope we can create a generation of students empowered by knowledge and eager to help the world. I truly believe that each and every person can leave the world a happier place and I hope being part of this organization is one of the ways I do it. Through my role as the Advocacy Coordinator, I hope to continue to help raise awareness of educational inequality, spread the message of Helping Hands to as many people as I can and mobilize others to contribute to the community as well."

Nandan Srikrishna is a member of the University of Michigan Class of 2025. Alongside Helping Hands, Nandan has a great passion for the sciences, music, and volunteering. He is part of the International Academy Varsity Science Olympiad team which placed 6th overall at last year’s state competition. In addition to this, he plays alto saxophone in both the International Academy symphonic and jazz bands. As for volunteering, Nandan has dedicated over a hundred hours volunteering at Beaumont Hospital. 

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